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Share in the monthly recurring revenue from our building automation service

If you have expertise in building controls for multi-tenant offices or schools,
you can build a recurring revenue stream that goes straight to your bottom line.

Facilities managers that run multi-tenant office buildings, spend tens of hours every month processing after-hours service requests. It’s a real chore, and a common cause of friction with tenants.

For under-staffed school districts and colleges, it’s an energy waste issue – how to easily synchronize HVAC services with class schedules to avoid heating or cooling spaces that are not in use.

BMS Front is a cloud-based HVAC scheduling service that completely solves these problems.

We need partners in the field to integrate building automation systems to our service in the cloud.

 Become a BMS Front integration partner and share the monthly revenue

  • Large addressable territory

  • Marketing support to get leads
  • Co-branded user interface

  • Zero inventory to manage

  • No truck rolls or site visit costs

  • Door opener to new accounts

Apply now. Drive recurring revenues that improve your bottom line.