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Let’s answer your questions here!

The BMS Front service is hosted in the cloud. It functions by connecting over the Internet to existing web-enabled building management systems (BMS) which in turn use a variety of control protocols within the building, to control various downstream equipment, appliances, and devices. These typically control air conditioning and lighting for lease spaces.

When a tenant schedules a service request, the system communicates with the BMS in order to automatically perform the same types of schedule overrides that building engineers currently apply manually. Naturally, accurate usage accounting is built into the system.

BMS Front detects if the BMS does not respond to commands as expected and notifies the Facilities team (by SMS or Email) so they can intervene and rectify faulty downstream equipment.

The BMS Front portal acts as a central location in the cloud for managing after-hours services.

  • Tenants manage their service requests

  • Facilities teams monitor activity, manage the building and tenant profiles and generate usage reports

  • System Integrators setup, configure and monitor the integration with BMS devices and service points



  • No Capital Expense

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Free Feature Updates

  • Automatic Backups

Does this replace my existing HVAC scheduling system?

No, you still use your normal occupancy schedule. BMS Front is an overlay service designed to automate the scheduling, fulfillment and accounting of After-Hours service requests. So you can take yourself out of the loop, and avoid meddling with your equipment and settings to make exceptions to the normal occupancy schedule. Now you can set-it and forget it, and let BMS Front take care of After-Hours provisioning automatically.

How much does the BMS Front service cost?

BMS Front is a cloud service requiring no local servers or addition equipment at your premises, other than a Building Automation System controller, which you most likely already have.

Service pricing is based on the square footage of the building or buildings you manage, and we offer progressive discounts if you manage multiple buildings. You can get a quote by contacting us.

How do I bill tenants for after-hours services?

At the end of a billing period, you login and use our simple report tool to generate a usage report for each tenant. It only takes a few seconds. The usage report comes in PDF format and is laid out much like an invoice, with each fulfilled service request itemized. You can attach it to your tenant lease invoice or simply transfer the total to an “after-hours” line-item on your lease invoice.

How far in advance can a service request be scheduled?

For single requests, this can be done up to a year ahead of time. For standing/recurring requests, these can be scheduled indefinitely by a building manager.

What equipment needs to be installed for this to work?

You either need an existing building automation system in place or be ready to invest in putting one in. It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg for simple tenant overrides. Please consult with your preferred system integrator to ensure you consider your immediate and future building automation needs before selecting a system.

Do tenants need an app for smartphones or tablets?

No app is required. The user interface is based on HTML5 and “responsive design” so it works on literally an device, regardless the screen size and orientation.

As soon as you activate the service, you just need to inform your tenants of their login credentials and the login page, and the can start using it immediately.

How secure is your website and user portal?

The BMS Front website and user portal are both protected with industry standard 2048 Bit SSL Certificates – the same security used by the online payment industry – so you can trust your connection is secure and private, even when you or tenants connect from home or via the mobile Internet.

Do we need to sign a long term contract?

No long term commitment is required. You can subscribe to this service on a month-to-month plan or a pre-paid annual basis.   And you can cancel either plan at any time before the term ends, without incurring penalties. See our cancellation policy for full details.

How can I cancel, and what is your cancellation policy?

If you are contracted with your System Integrator, please contact them directly.

If you are contracted directly with BMS Front Corporation.

From the US please call: 844.267.2255

Outside the US please send us a note via the Contact Form

Either way, we’ll take care of it, and confirm your cancellation request within 48 hours.

Cancellation terms and conditions are as follows:

Cancel any plan within the first 30 days

You will receive a full refund – no questions asked, no tricks, and no run-around!

Cancel a month-to-month plan after 30 days

The service will run until the next month anniversary of your start date.

  • Example 1: You started the service on June 14. You request cancellation on Sept 8. Service will run until Sept 14.
  • Example 2: You started the service on June 14. You request cancellation on Sept 15. Service will run until Oct 14.

Cancel an annual plan anytime after 30 days

The service will run until the annual anniversary of your start date.


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